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Fidels Dream

Untold Encounters Of The Random Kind

Untold Encounters Of The Random Kind

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Designed for both tabletop roleplaying gamers and Dungeon Masters, this book serves as a wellspring of inspiration, offering a wealth of ideas, encounters, and complete adventures for your gaming sessions.

In addition to the array of random encounters, Untold Encounters equips you with mechanics to construct dungeons and create town and wilderness escapades from the ground up. By incorporating the encounters found in this book, your storyline unfolds seamlessly.

It's important to note that this book itself is not a standalone roleplaying game. Rather, it harmonizes effortlessly with your preferred system. We offer a 5E translation, along with system-agnostic mechanics that seamlessly adapt to any RPG system.



1000+ Random Encounters

Fully 5E Compatible

6 mini 5E Pre-Written Adventures

This 340+ page book not only offers 1000+ random encounters but also provides a 5E conversion guide. AND offers random roll tables throughout.


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