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Fidels Dream

Tiny Epic Dungeons

Tiny Epic Dungeons

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Tiny Epic Dungeons is an immersive cooperative dungeon crawler with:

1. Cooperative Play: For 1-4 players, focusing on defeating the Dungeon Boss as a team.

2. Dynamic Dungeon: Modular layout ensures replay ability.

3. Resource Management: Tension builds as you manage torchlight.

4. Minion Battles: Encounter goblins, minions, and traps for strategy.

5. Epic Boss Fights: Unique Dungeon Bosses with lairs and abilities.

6. Ritual Rooms: Use strategy to weaken bosses.

7. Loot and Spells: Collect legendary gear and spells for Heroes.

8. Clan-Themed Loot: Themed items with unique abilities.

9. Narrative Freedom: Encourages personalized storytelling.

In brief, Tiny Epic Dungeons offers a rich tabletop experience for cooperative dungeon crawlers, requiring teamwork, strategy, and resource management to conquer ever-changing challenges.


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