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Stardew Valley The Board Game

Stardew Valley The Board Game

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Embark on a cooperative farming adventure in the Stardew Valley board game, inspired by Eric Barone's video game. Join forces with fellow farmers to thwart the JojaMart Corporation's sinister plans and save the Valley. Your mission: fulfill Grandpa's Goals, restore the Community Center, and safeguard the magic of Stardew Valley.

Throughout the game, strategically farm, fish, befriend, and gather resources to meet your objectives. Explore the Mine, raise animals, and acquire upgrades and skills as the seasons unfold. The challenge lies in completing tasks before the Season Deck of 20 cards runs out, triggering various events each turn.

Collaborate with your team to decide where to focus actions, strategically placing pawns in different areas of the Valley. Use your turns wisely, engaging in activities like watering crops, fishing, and mining. The clock is ticking, and success hinges on achieving collective goals before the Season Deck is depleted. Can you preserve the magic of Stardew Valley?


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