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Fidels Dream

RPG Toolbox: Veiled Dungeon

RPG Toolbox: Veiled Dungeon

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Maps, Monsters & Much More!!

Unlock the secrets of the Veiled Dungeon with this all-in-one toolbox. Whether you're seeking a standalone adventure or a toolkit filled with monsters, NPCs, encounters, maps, and more to seamlessly integrate into your ongoing campaigns, this RPG Toolbox has you covered.

Inside, you'll find a ready-to-roll 5E adventure accompanied by detailed maps. The adventure introduces dozens of unique monsters and NPCs, each tailored to our distinctive settings.

The modular writing style ensures easy integration into your campaign. Each map or area (a small group of maps combined) features encounters crafted specifically for it, allowing you to effortlessly extract any section, map, encounter, or monster to suit your needs. It's that simple!

Our RPG Toolboxes contain –

Fold out modular maps

  • 24 Maps
  • Wet & Dry marker safe
  • Laminated
  • Modular designs to combine in multiple different ways.

A detailed, fully illustrated reference book containing -

  • 5E Adventure
  • Random encounters written for each map & area.
  • Unique 5E Monsters
  • Unique NPCs
  • Adventure and plot generators

Monster & NPC Cards

  • 40 Unique cards with beautiful artwork


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