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Fidels Dream

RPG Toolbox: Long Road

RPG Toolbox: Long Road

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Unlock the adventure with our Maps, Monsters & More Toolbox! 

This versatile RPG resource includes:

- 24 fold-out modular maps

-  Wet & Dry marker-safe laminated surfaces

- A detailed, fully illustrated reference book featuring a 5E adventure, random encounters for each map and area, unique 5E monsters, NPCs, adventure and plot generators

-  Monster & NPC Cards - 40 unique cards with stunning artwork

Designed for use as a stand-alone adventure or a toolbox of monsters, encounters, and maps to seamlessly integrate into your own campaigns. The modular approach allows you to mix and match content, making it a breeze to tailor to your campaign's needs. Dive into The Long Road with everything you need for an epic tabletop experience! 


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