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Potion of Mind Reading (Un-Painted, Picture is an example)

Potion of Mind Reading (Un-Painted, Picture is an example)

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Introducing the exquisitely crafted Potion of Mind Reading, expertly 3D printed in two parts – a meticulously designed top and an elegantly hollowed bottle. Compatible with the 5E System and various table top RPGs as well as LARP, this potion unlocks a world of creative potential. Whether you're diving into unforgettable adventures or creating a treasured heirloom, this potion is a unique and enduring addition to your gaming collection.

Printed in PLA+. colours may vary, please contact us if you are looking for a specific colour. All Potions and Flasks vary in size,

All items are sold Un-Painted and Un-Finished

**Not A Toy, Unsuitable for young children**
*****NOT food safe, intended for use as gameplay props or cos play only*****

Beautifully designed by Props&Beyond, printed by Fidels Dream – Licensed Seller #99

~~ All items are physical products 3D Printed by Fidels Dream. Due to being 3D Printed, the items are delicate and Fidels Dream can not be held responsible for breakages during assembly or painting. Should a breakage occur during shipping please message us ~~


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