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Fidels Dream

Phoenix - Dungeons & Lasers

Phoenix - Dungeons & Lasers

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Meet the captivating Phoenix miniature in Dungeons & Lasers, a magical addition to your table top RPG sessions. Here's the scoop:

- **Phoenix Theme:** This mythical bird symbolizes rebirth and renewal, adding mystical depth to your game.

- **The Burning God:** Expect a fiery connection, potentially leading to fire-based player challenges.

- **Peaceful Nature:** The Phoenix might not be your typical foe, serving as a guardian, protector, or quest source, with unpredictable twists.

- **Unpredictable Magic:** Brace for dynamic encounters thanks to the Phoenix's unpredictable powers.

- **Miniature:** It comes unassembled and unpainted, perfect for personalizing to match your gaming world's style. Assembling it is a crafty delight for hobbyists.

In a nutshell, the Phoenix brings rebirth, unpredictability, and magic to your RPG sessions. It can be a guardian, ally, or quest source with fiery potential. Customize it with the joy of crafting and painting.


**Build & Paint Yourself**


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