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Pathfinder Bestiary, Pocket Edition - Second Edition

Pathfinder Bestiary, Pocket Edition - Second Edition

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Within the expansive 360-page compendium, over 400 of fantasy's most formidable adversaries leap forth, filling the pages with a diverse array of creatures from the vibrant realm of Pathfinder. Encounter well-known foes such as orcs, dragons, and vampires alongside fresh and terrifying additions like the living-nightmare nilith and the enigmatic three-headed mutoli. Whether you seek loyal allies or fearsome adversaries for your Pathfinder adventures, this indispensable companion to the Pathfinder Core Rulebook is teeming with creatures to enrich your epic journey!

The Pathfinder Bestiary includes:
• More than 400 monsters drawn from mythology, genre classics, and more than a decade of Pathfinder, with plenty of new monsters too!
• Gorgeous full-colour illustrations on nearly every page!
• Detailed monster lists sorted by level, type, and rarity to help you find the right monster for any situation!
• Universal monster rules to simplify special attacks, defences, and qualities like grab, swallow whole, and regeneration.
• Guidelines for providing appropriate monstrous treasures for any occasion.
• Detailed lore sidebars offering additional information about Pathfinder’s most popular monstrous friends and foes!


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