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Fidels Dream

Mud Goblin

Mud Goblin

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Introducing the Mud Goblin – your perfect new gaming pal! This 32mm base, Miniature is compatible with most D20 games and is sure to please both GMs, Players, and painters alike. Delivered with a generic base, each figure is printed in Grey Resin, washed, and cured – just waitin' for your playtime mayhem (or your brush, if you're so inclined). Super simple to assemble and strong enough to rule their own kingdom, it's time to invite a Mud Goblin into your gaming life!

All Miniatures are Washed, supports removed, Cured and tidied. We try our best to make sure all supports are removed, the miniatures are tidy and ready for assembly / priming but some (minimal) clean-up may be required.

All items are sold Un-Painted, and Un- Primed.

**Not A Toy, Unsuitable for young children. Resin may cause skin irritation until sealed**

~~ All items are physical products 3D Printed by Fidels Dream. Due to being 3D Printed, the items can be delicate and Fidels Dream can not be held responsible for breakages during assembly or painting. Should a breakage occur during shipping please message us ~~



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