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Fidels Dream

Crusted Rust Deposit 35ml

Crusted Rust Deposit 35ml

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AK Interactive paints are the top choice for model enthusiasts seeking exceptional quality and versatility. With a vast colour selection and specialized formulations, they cater to various modelling needs, including military vehicles, aircraft, figures, and dioramas. These paints offer excellent coverage, smooth application, and lifelike finishes, bringing your models to life with precision and authenticity.

Whether you need base colours, weathering effects, metallic finishes, or airbrushing solutions, AK Interactive has it all. Their paints consistently deliver professional-level results, adhering well to different surfaces. They even offer paints designed for weathering, allowing you to recreate realistic wear and tear like rust and grime. With AK Interactive, your models will reach new levels of realism, becoming true masterpieces.


1x Medium Rust Deposit 35ml is supplied.


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