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Fidels Dream

Grand Archive TCG - Alchemical Revolution First Edition

Grand Archive TCG - Alchemical Revolution First Edition

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Step into the fascinating world of Azoth with Alchemical Revolution, a standard set that unveils the wonders of alchemy and the innovations it has brought to life. This set introduces three new classes—Guardian, Cleric, and Ranger—along with three advanced elements—Neos, Astra, and Umbra. Experience the excitement of exploring new playstyles and discovering innovative deck-building strategies!

Key Features:

  • 214 unique cards, including 81 Common (C), 54 Uncommon (U), 40 Rare (R), 29 Super Rare (SR), 8 Ultra Rare (UR), and 16 Collector's Super Rare (CSR) cards.
  • 12 cards in each pack.
  • A total of 227 foil variation cards to enhance your collection.

Uncover the marvels of alchemy and lead your Grand Archive champions as the fate of Azoth turns towards revolution! Each booster pack brings you closer to the diverse and intriguing world of Alchemical Revolution.

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