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Fidels Dream

Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 3

Giant Book of Battle Mats Volume 3

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Immerse yourself in the ultimate RPG experience with The Giant Book of Battle Mats Vol. 3 – your go-to solution for thrilling table top roleplay games with expansive, wipe-clean maps that span diverse fantasy realms.

**Key Features:**

🗺️ **Versatile Maps:** From sprawling landscapes to intricate dungeons, these wet/dry marker compatible maps are meticulously designed for 5-foot to 1-inch scale encounters.

📚 **Game Planning Made Simple:** Say goodbye to map drawing struggles! This portable book provides instant access to a wide range of RPG maps that cater to every scenario.

🌟 **Spark Imagination:** Unleash creativity as you craft captivating quests. The themed, customizable maps are reusable, eliminating the need for continuous drawing.

💡 **Innovative Design:** With a 360° spine, the book lays flat for larger adventures or folds conveniently for compact spaces, adapting to your needs.

🔮 **Compatibility Matters:** Seamlessly integrates with other Loke BattleMats® map books. Combine two books or more for limitless possibilities.

Elevate your gaming experience, inspire captivating stories, and transform your table top world with The Giant Book of Battle Mats Vol. 3. Let the adventures begin!

  • 62 Maps in a lay flat wipe clean book.
  • 360° spine allows the books to lie flat or fold completely in half
  • Play each map page individually or lay the book flat to play across the 2 complimentary opposing pages.
  • Time saver – reduces game prep time and no more drawing maps mid game.
  • Track tactical combat and immerse yourself in the adventure!

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