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Fidels Dream

EXIT Advent Calendar - The Silent Storm

EXIT Advent Calendar - The Silent Storm

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The Christmas workshop is a hive of activity, with more than two months of intense labor leading up to the 24th. As a pivotal toymaker in the workshop, you're juggling multiple tasks. While examining a beautifully crafted rocking horse, the ground suddenly quakes. An intense storm rages outside, sending snow swirling through the windows. You hastily close them, but an eerie stillness descends upon the workshop.

Doors lock, and a sense of isolation sets in. The mission is clear: find Santa, but first, escape is imperative.

This Advent calendar melds the elements of an EXIT game with an unfolding adventure. Each day, open a calendar door to reveal a fresh and captivating puzzle. Skilfully solve these enigmas to advance toward your objective and rescue Christmas! Prepare for a unique 24-day odyssey. 


Experience an Advent calendar that blends the thrill of an EXIT game with a 24-day-long adventure!
 - Behind each calendar door awaits an exciting new riddle; solving one day's puzzle unlocks the next day's door.
 - You'll step into the shoes of one of Santa's top toymakers, locked inside the workshop during an unexpected winter tempest. Can you break free and locate Santa before it's too late?
 - Entirely card-based and fully unplugged, each daily puzzle demands just 10-15 minutes of your time.
 - A one-time use adventure.
 - Delight in a festive, exhilarating, and heart-warming activity rooted in a cherished holiday tradition. 


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