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Fidels Dream

Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Wraith

Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Wraith

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Shrouded in darkness, the Wraith lures dozens to their doom in the boobytrapped labyrinth it has dwelled in for centuries. Many unfortunate souls have suffered the wasting chill of its ethereal hospitality. 

Calling all Game Masters! Inside this box is everything you need to run epic roleplaying encounters with a pestilent Wraith, with minimal effort.

Legend has it the Wraith has haunted The Silver Purse tavern for many years, with none yet brave enough to put an end to its ghostly tyranny.  

Designed to work with the Local Legends Tavern Kit but easily adaptable for any campaign, the Wraith encounter kit is 5e-compatible and can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game. Just add GM!

What's in the box?

  • 5 detailed Wraith minis
  • Illustrated battlemap
  • Complete encounter booklet


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