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Fidels Dream

Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Owlbear

Epic Encounters: Local Legends - Owlbear

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Rumours tell of an owlbear too intelligent to be merely an animal, and too deadly to be left alone. Could it be linked to the disappearance of a power hungry druid, years ago? Venture into an ancient glade, risk the wrath of the owlbear, and find out for yourself...

Calling all Game Masters! Inside this box is everything you need to run epic roleplaying encounters with a mysterious Owlbear, with minimal effort.

Legend has it the local owlbear may be linked to the disappearance of a certain infamous druid. Right now, though, you should probably be more concerned about it rampaging through town!

Designed to work with the Local Legends Tavern Kit but easily adaptable for any campaign, the Owlbear encounter kit is 5e-compatible and can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game. Just add GM!

What's in the box?

  • 2 detailed minis
  • Illustrated battlemap
  • Complete encounter booklet


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