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Fidels Dream

Epic Encounters: Chambers of the Serpent Folk

Epic Encounters: Chambers of the Serpent Folk

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Epic Encounters presents Chambers of the Serpent Folk, an all-in-one warband box designed for both new and seasoned players. This set, fifth edition compatible and ready to play, features 20 intricately detailed serpent folk miniatures that thrust you into an ancient and ominous plot.

In the distant past, the Serpent Folk once ruled the world. Now, their long-forgotten temple resounds with the clamor of sarcophagus lids being cast aside, revealing their scaled hands as they awaken with insatiable desires. Can you thwart their resurgence and prevent them from reclaiming the world that was once theirs?

What's in the box:

  • 20 highly detailed unpainted serpent folk miniatures (including 8 unique sculpts)

  • Double-sided game mat

  • Adventure book

  • Monster stats

  • Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

Use Chambers of the Serpent Folk as a standalone encounter or seamlessly integrate it into a new or ongoing RPG campaign. For a truly epic experience, combine this set with the boss box, Temple of the Snake God!

About The Game:

Tailored for both new and experienced players, every Epic Encounters set is an all-in-one boxed encounter, fifth edition compatible, and ready to play within a new or ongoing roleplaying campaign.



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