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Dragon of Schmargonrog - Dungeons & Lasers

Dragon of Schmargonrog - Dungeons & Lasers

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The Dragon of Schmargonrog, once part of a thriving dragon community, now stands as one of the last survivors. Driven mad by the fires of Schmargonrog, where he dwells, he ruthlessly hunts and slays his fellow dragons, adorning himself with their bones as gruesome trophies. This immense black dragon, adorned with fiery red highlights from his volcanic habitat, remains impervious to lava's searing touch.

Add the awe-inspiring Dragon of Schmargonrog miniature to your collection and strike fear into your adventuring party. Measuring an impressive 157mm in height and perched on a 50mm base, this dragon promises an unforgettable session for your party.


  • 1x Dragon of Schmargonrog Miniature
  • 1x 50mm Base


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