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Fidels Dream

Die Hard Dice: Elessia Cosmos Deimos

Die Hard Dice: Elessia Cosmos Deimos

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Picture this cosmic drama:

A relentless squadron of starfighters in hot pursuit, their attacks pounding against your shields like a celestial symphony. But fear not, adventurer! In the midst of the chaos, the soothing hum of your ship becomes your steady heartbeat. With a daring move, you dive into hyperlight, disappearing from their grasp and leaving the pursuers lost in a mesmerizing dance of stardust. Your escape is not just an evasive manoeuvre; it's a thrilling saga of interstellar prowess, where you, the cosmic hero, outmanoeuvre the stars themselves.


  • Softer, rounded edges of our Avalore design
  • Avalore font in high contrast colours for easy readability
  • Scintillating red shimmer with white ink
  • Standard 7 piece RPG set


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