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Fidels Dream

Die Hard Dice: Elessia Cosmos Astra

Die Hard Dice: Elessia Cosmos Astra

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Picture this:

A gang of starfighters playing percussion on your shields like they're in a cosmic rock band! But fear not, you steady yourself, grooving to the soothing hum of your ship, and BAM! You hit hyperlight, leaving those pursuers eating stardust like it's breakfast cereal.

Now, let's talk COSMOS HIGHLIGHTS:

- Avalore design with edges so smooth, even space envy them.
- High-contrast Avalore font, because space messages shouldn't require a telescope.
- A scintillating blue shimmer paired with white ink – because, let's face it, intergalactic fashion matters.
- Behold the Standard 7-piece RPG set – your cosmic toolkit for rolling through the universe in style!


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