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Fidels Dream

Dark Forest (Silver) - Mythic Poly Dice Set

Dark Forest (Silver) - Mythic Poly Dice Set

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Presenting the Mythic Dark Forest (Silver) Poly Dice Set, an enchanting ensemble of dice bedecked in a mesmerizing blend of Dark Greens and Silver Shimmer glitter, each bearing majestic Silver numbers. These extraordinary dice are certain to infuse an aura of mystique into your gaming ambiance.

Designed for use with D20 open game systems, this set includes a total of 7 dice, all in the same enchanting colour scheme. Inside, you'll find:

- 1xd4
- 1xd6
- 1xd8
- 1xd10
- 1xdpercentile
- 1xd12
- 1xd20

Please keep in mind that the actual product colour may vary slightly from what you see on your screen due to screen settings.


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