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The Quest Kids Board Game

The Quest Kids Board Game

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Embark on your child's first dungeon-crawling adventure!

Introducing The Quest Kids, a new-fantasy themed board game designed for children aged 5 and up. In this game, players control up to four Quest Kids—a courageous team of young heroes—as they explore the enchanting Tolk's Cave. Throughout the adventure, the team will discover treasure, scare away monsters, complete quests, find magical items, and lend a hand to their fellow Quest Kids. The victorious Quest Kid is the one with the most stars at the end of the adventure!

With delightful kid-friendly art, oversized player mats, chunky components, and gigantic, articulating miniatures, The Quest Kids offers the ideal introduction to fantasy gaming for the budding dungeon crawler in every family.


Game Contents

1 Game Box | 1 Game Board | 4 Hero Miniatures | 6 Plastic Gems

4 Hero Cardboard Standees | 4 Player Boards

1 Cloth Treasure Bag | 24 Cardboard Treasure Tokens

42 Dungeon Tile Cards | 60 Ability Cards | 20 Health Cards

20 Kind Kid Cards | 11 Quest Cards | 1 Rule book


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