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Epic Encounters: Nest of the Dinosaur

Epic Encounters: Nest of the Dinosaur

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Plunge your players into a prehistoric peril with Nest of the Dinosaur, a 5e-compatible boss box from the Epic Encounters range! This set promises all the elements for a reptilian showdown 365 million years in the making.

Featuring a highly detailed two-headed dinosaur miniature on a 100mm base, this encounter is compatible with fifth edition and any fantasy roleplaying game. Nest of the Dinosaur thrusts you into a battle against a slavering saurian with dual heads, rapier claws, and cold, reptilian cunning. For an epic, cold-blooded campaign, pair this encounter with Steppe of the Lizard Thane!

From massive herbivores to nimble raptors, dinosaurs have fueled fascination for centuries. However, the greatest awe is reserved for the colossal carnivores whose mighty footsteps once shook the earth. In most places, these creatures are relegated to history books, but not here. Dinosaurs still roam these lands, and this two-headed behemoth is even deadlier than its kin.

Whether the two-headed dinosaur is a product of night terrors, possesses psychic powers, is a strange mutant, or something else entirely is left to the Game Master's imagination. Will you live to recount the tale of Jurassic jeopardy, or become dinner for this death-dealing dinosaur?

What's in the box:

  • Colossal dinosaur miniature (100mm base!)

  • Double-sided game mat

  • Adventure book

  • Monster stats

  • Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

About The Game:

Tailored for both new and seasoned players, every Epic Encounters set is an all-in-one boxed encounter, fifth edition compatible, and ready to play within a new or ongoing roleplaying campaign.


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