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Fidels Dream

Epic Encounters: Island Of The Crab Archon

Epic Encounters: Island Of The Crab Archon

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Embark on an aquatic adventure and confront the cruel crustacean foes with the Epic Encounters warband box – Karkinos Rising!

Crab folk, known as the Karkinos, strike terror into the hearts of sailors who have learned to fear these cut-throat crustaceans. Often dismissed as mere pirates, the Karkinos reveal their true nature in the briny depths, swiftly emerging for brutal slaughter and leaving a trail of severed heads. The chilling rumors of death from the deeps echo among sailors, recounting the humanoid creatures with wicked claws and spiny shells. Can you face these abominations and survive to tell the tale?

Inside this warband box, discover everything essential to challenge the Karkinos, featuring 21 highly detailed miniatures and an adventure book filled with captivating lore to set your imagination adrift on the tides.


  • Everything necessary for creating epic roleplaying encounters with the Karkinos.
  • Play as a standalone adventure or integrate it into a full campaign.
  • Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.


  • 1 x Briny Adventure Book
  • 1 x Double-sided Game Mat
  • 1 x Tips and Tricks for Gameplay
  • 1 x Monster Stats
  • 21 x Miniatures


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