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Fidels Dream

Citadel Colour Paints

Citadel Colour Paints

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Unleash Your Inner Artist with Citadel Paints! 

Turn your miniatures into masterpieces with Citadel Paints – the champions' choice! Whether you're an experienced hobbyist or a budding painter, Citadel Paints breathe life into your table top adventures with vibrant colours and stunning detail.

**Premium Pigments:** Crafted with precision, Citadel Paints boast rich pigments capturing the essence of your miniature world.

 **Versatile Range:** From basecoats to highlights, Citadel Paints offer a range catering to every step of your painting journey, ensuring effortless blending and stunning effects!

**Durability and Detail:** Designed for durability, The paints ensure your miniatures withstand battles while enhancing intricate details.

**Limitless Creativity:** Citadel Paints allow your creativity to flourish. Customize armies, creatures, and characters with an extensive colour palette.

**Quick-Drying Formulas:** Conquer your painting quests efficiently! Citadel Paints feature quick-drying formulas for swift project completion without compromising quality.

**Join the Citadel Community:** Be part of a vibrant painter's community, exchange tips, and showcase your creations. Citadel Paints connect you with like-minded artists.

Purchase Citadel Paints now and including starter kits and limited-edition colours. Elevate your painting experience with tools that champions choose!


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