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Fidels Dream

Vault of Dragons - Gale Force Nine

Vault of Dragons - Gale Force Nine

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Whispers of a concealed treasure trove of gold echo through the bustling streets, taverns, and markets of Waterdeep. In "Vault of Dragons," players assume the roles of four unscrupulous factions, all vying to uncover the Vault's Hidden Secret! Sinister criminals, cunning nobles, ruthless Drow mercenaries, and enigmatic wizards are locked in a fierce race to be the first to unveil the Vault of Dragons!

Dispatch your loyal Followers to various locations in and around Waterdeep, where they'll hunt for rumours and treasures. The double-sided locations offer even more opportunities for exploration! But be wary of the ever-watchful City Watch, and be prepared to engage in faction skirmishes to secure the most coveted spots. Venture into the depths of the Undermountain Dungeons to unveil the enigma of the Vault of Dragons! 💰🗝️🏙️



Time: 90 mins

Players 2-4

Ages: 14+


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