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Dungeons & Dragons - Dungeon Masters Screen Dungeon Kit

Dungeons & Dragons - Dungeon Masters Screen Dungeon Kit

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Embark on a journey into the depths of dungeons with this essential kit. Designed for Dungeon Masters®, it provides you with a screen and various tools ideal for conducting thrilling D&D® adventures within dungeons, whether they're in ruins or brimming with life.

The Dungeon Master's screen showcases a breathtaking vista that immerses you in the heart of a majestic mountain's subterranean world. Within the screen, you'll find valuable rules references tailored specifically to dungeon exploration, making your adventures seamless and immersive.

• DM screen specially designed for dungeon delving, with tables for encountering monsters and exploring ruins and dungeons.
• Features 36 punch out dungeon geomorph cards with pathway connection points, perfect for planning a dungeon.
• An indispensable tool for any Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master.

• 1 x Dungeon Masters Screen: Dungeon Kit


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