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D&D Player's Handbook 2024 ***PRE-ORDER***

D&D Player's Handbook 2024 ***PRE-ORDER***

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The Player's Handbook® is your essential guide for creating heroic characters in Dungeons & Dragons®, the world's greatest roleplaying game. It includes comprehensive rules for character creation, backgrounds, skills, combat, spells, and more, allowing you to bring iconic D&D® races and classes to life.

### Key Features:
- **Expanded Edition:** The largest Player’s Handbook ever, incorporating a decade of community feedback.
- **Extensive Options:** Features 12 classes, 48 subclasses, and 10 species for limitless character possibilities.
- **New Art:** Stunning, all-new artwork throughout the book.

### Contents:
- **1 x Player’s Handbook**

Embark on epic adventures, explore ancient ruins, and battle fearsome monsters in your quest for legendary treasures. Gain experience and power as you journey with your companions. Dive into Dungeons & Dragons® and start your adventure


**Release Date: 17/09/2024**


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